• We help in digitising agriculture to disrupt the sector using collective intelligence from connected infrastructure.
  • We provide asset quality tagging and credit access in terms of a behaviour score for every piece of cultivated land.
  • We aid insurance service providers by giving real time assessment of damages across a wide area.
  • We assist in energy and water conservation.
  • We provide the complete supply chain map across seasons for field crops to aid the FMCG sector.
  • We provide our Agri Terminal service which gives a 360o view on the agriculture sector with micro detailing and advanced insights via a unified dashboard.
  • We also aid environmental scientists and academic institutes by providing primary data for impact assessment of changing weather conditions on crop yield and vegetation levels as well as macro transitions in terms of soil quality.
  • In short, we are revolutionising the agriculture sector in terms of credit, insurance, access to rural markets along with financial instruments and market participation in the sector.
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